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Who Are We?
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France China Electricity Partnership Association (PFCE) aims at ensuring nuclear safety and promoting the competitiveness of nuclear electricity production through the long-term involvment of the French nuclear supply chain worldwide. PFCE currently gathers 100 French SMEs, covering all the aspects of the life-cycle of nuclear power plants. All the members are qualified suppliers of EDF and Orano for the French nuclear programme.

The association constantly devotes to constructing a network of ventures with providers in all areas of the nuclear industry, from design to construction, from maintenance and operation to decommissioning and dismantling. To strenghten the sustainable promotion of small, medium and large French companies at international scale, PFCE also commits to extend partnership with international organizations, local and national nuclear authorities abroad.

Our objectives

Promote know-how, competiveness and safety culture / quality of the French companies

Support the establisment of long-term partnership between national / local companies and French companies 

Help French companies ofthe nuclear sector to set up in EDF’s target countries

Share operational feedback experience between members and with their partners

President’s introduction

PFCE, which gathers over a hundred companies, has been active on China’s nuclear market for over twenty years. It has demonstrated great value in supporting the development of its members and French industry in China. PFCE embodies values of gathering together an industrial body to defend and promote nuclear industry’s shared interests, diversity and excellence.

Since October 8th 2018, I have the pleasure and honor to chair PFCE. In this capacity, I will endeavor with all my heart to bring these values to life with the same enthusiasm as my predecessor, Hervé Machenaud did. I would like to commend him for the continual commitment and strength of conviction he demonstrated and which enabled PFCE to become an entity recognized by France and Chine as a key contributor to the strategic partnership of both countries on the nuclear energy sector. 

With EDF’s support, PFCE has shaped the identity of French nuclear industry in China and defended its interests. The history of French-Chinese cooperation in the nuclear energy sector continues today. Two new lines structure it: cooperation in third countries, first and foremost in Great-Britain, and dynamism of the Chinese market where half of global new nuclear capacity will be built. As much as ever before, cooperation between French and Chinese industry must be underpinned and reinforced in order to strike a balance for mutual benefit. I am delighted to be able to support PFCE team in taking on these challenges. 

Fabrice Fourcade

President of PFCE 


To contact us

Pierre VINEL, Secretary General, email:

Cécile RUDANT, PFCE Representative in China, email: