About us

Our objectives

  • To promote the know-how, competiveness and safety culture/ quality of the French companies
  • To foster the creation of long-term partnerships between national / local companies and  French companies
  • To help the nuclear sector French companies to set up in the EDF targeted countries
  • To share operational feedback experience between members



Member's activity sectors

  • Boilermaking
  • HVAC
  • Nuclear fuel cycle
  • Electricity, C&I
  • Generator, Turbogenerator
  • Civil Works
  • Inspection, Control, Conformiy Assessment, Expertise
  • Industrial logistics
  • Handling & Lifting
  • General Mechanical
  • Pumps, compresors, pumping units
  • Intellectual services, technical assistance and consulting
  • Radiation protection, safety and fire detection / protection
  • Valves
  • Digital solutions
  • Piping

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November 25 2019

General assembly of PFCE on 18-19 December at Cherbourg

PFCE organizes its general assembly on 18-19 December around the region of Cherbourg and we will visit Orano Hague.