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Focusing on quality and AMRI Brand, KSB AMRI facilities are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified and are certified « N Stamp ».KSB AMRI has earned a reputation for products having a unique sealing ability, with exceptional longevity.KSB AMRI is the only butterfly valves manufacturer in the world, able to propose a fully thick rubber lined body with a dry shaft and concentric disc design, for valves up to 148” diameter.

Our Isoria & Mammouth series are bi-directional, bubble tight shutoff, maintenance free, they do not require any regular service, and they have the best Cv values on the market.

In the Power industry we have strongly developed our sales on domestic Cogeneration and Combine Cycle Power plants in the last 3 to 4 years, as the Nuclear market was growing.

Concerning our price level we are competitive on large and small diameters valves.

In the Nuclear Power industry we have strongly developed our sales since 1977.

Please find below the valves that we are able to provide:

– Reactor Containment Valves, level II:  Danais (High performance, double offset Butterfly Valves), Clossia (Special kinematics for Reactor Containment Building) and Triodis (triple excentric offset design) valves

– Cooling Water&Seawater, level II,III & NC: Isoria, Mammouth (Rubberlined Butterfly Valves) and Check valves

– Fire system, Auxiliary circuits: Water& Air: Isoria (Rubberlined Butterfly Valves) and Check valvesThe materials used for the goods are manufactured according to the RCC-M standard code and the ASME standard code.

We currently provided some valves for the following power plants:

– LING AO II Nuclear power plant (China)

– EPR 1600 OLKILUOTO III Nuclear power plant (Finland)

– QINSHAN II Nuclear power plant (China)

– EPR 1600 FLAMANVILLE III Nuclear power plant (France)

– QINSHAN III Nuclear power plant (China)

– CEPR 1600 Taishan Nuclear power plant (China)

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Email : ludovic.gonzalez@ksb.com