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Présentation de la société


KURY CHINA and its subsidiary KURY ENERGY are part of KURY GROUPE, an international engineering company 100% dedicated to the nuclear field, with more than 18 years of experience. Our expertise is based on two main disciplines: Safety & Operating Processes, and Electricity & Control-Command. Our core business relies on the design of new projects like Taishan, FA3 and HPC, as well as the maintenance the installed Nuclear Power Plants (NPP).

KURY GROUPE has offices in France, UK, Hong-Kong and Shenzhen in order to support its clients on their international projects. Our main clients are EDF, with which we signed two long-term framework contracts, FRAMATOME, the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), its Technical Department (IRSN) and CGN. 

In China, our experts support our clients on different projects like Taishan, Fuqing and Daya Bay, covering different technical topics, including system design (HVAC, Electrical, Fluid systems etc), safety procedures (safety studies, new standards adaptation, normal and emergency procedures…) and Maintenance of the NPP (Outage). KURY ENERGY’s team is currently composed of foreign and local experts.

We are flexible and we adapt to your needs! We can : 

– send our engineers to your desired location (on site Technical assistance) or

– realize outsourced studies in our offices (proximity engineering consulting)

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Email : alice.bouvier@kury.com.cn