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VELAN is one of the leading suppliers of valves for  severe applications. Founded in 1949 by M. A.K. VELAN in Montréal, VELAN is a global worldwide group with 17 manufacturing plants.

VELAN is certified according to main nuclear codes RCC-M, RCC-Mx, ASMEIII and NP068. Velan-Lyon plant is dedicated to design, manufacturing, selling and services for nuclear classified valves  of Nuclear Island and its auxiliaries.

Velan Nuclear China, established in 2010 and located in Beijing- Chine, provides an efficient technical support for all types of Chinese nuclear projects, thanks to a dedicated team of nuclear experts.

Velan valves have been selected for 63 nuclear units in China, for all types of reactor: M310, CPR1000, ACP1000, ACPR1000, C-EPR, VVER, CAP1000, CAP1400, HTR, FBR, HUALONG1000, CANDU.

Velan has a dedicated Chinese service team located in Velan Suzhou, Jiangsu province.

VELAN valves are in operation in the French nuclear fleet (58 units) and have been selected in more than 350 NPP’s in the world. Velan forged valves have been selected for all GEN3 EPR (6 units).

Velan success is based on large feedback experience and long technical expertise, and also on the quality and safety of our valves.

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